Сharter of the club




All-Russian public kynological organization "National Club of Breed "Russian Toy" in the system of RKF is a public association, created on the initiative of citizens, which are united by common interest and realization of common goals, which are indicated in this Charter. The NCB is based on membership. Decisions on the establishment of a public organization, on the approval of its Charter and on the formation of governing and audit bodies are made at (Conferences) or at a General meeting. From the moment of adoption of the specified decisions the public organization is considered created: carries out the authorized activity, acquires the rights, except for the rights of legal entity, and assumes the duties provided by the Federal law "on public associations".

The NCB carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the Federal laws "on public associations" and "on non-profit organizations", regulatory legal acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, this Charter, the Regulation on granting the status of "national Breed Club" in the system of the Union of public kynological organizations – the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) and is guided in its activities by universally recognized international principles, norms and standards. The NCP shall be established without limitation of the term of activity.

NCB carries out its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The full name of the NCB in RussianНациональный Клуб Породы "Русский Той"

Abbreviated name of the NCB in Russian: НКП "РТ"

The full name of the NCB in English: National Club of Breed "Russkiy Toy"

Abbreviated name of the NCB in English: NCB "RT"

Location of the permanent governing body of the NCB: Russia, Moscow


The main goals and objectives of the NCB are: 

- association of clubs, kennels registered in RKF, individuals having the appropriate dog breed, registered in the national Uniform Pedigree Book RKF,  on the whole territory of Russia subject to acceptance of and compliance with all governing documents RKF;
- promote the breed in the country;
- development of common approaches to breeding work with a specific breed within the RKF;
- collecting information on the state of the breed in Russia and abroad, sharing this information;
- participation in dog events activities under the RKF;
- the organization of national and regional exhibitions (for the public canine organizations having status of legal entity), specialized tests, breeding shows and seminars for breeders and judges and other dog training activities aimed at the development and promotion of the breed;
implementation of links with foreign clubs;
- development of draft documents aimed at improving the breed. These include: the development of regulations and requirements for selective breeding, implementation of educational and methodological work with cynologists and breeders, organization of zootechnical activities (breeding surveys and biometric surveys);
- development of proposals aimed at improving the breed, proposals for improving standards and making changes and additions to existing standards. Proposals are sent to the RCF through the relevant Commission RKF for consideration and approval by the Presidium of RKF.


The governing bodies of the NCB are the Conference (General meeting) and the Presidium. The control and audit body of NCB is the audit Committee. The conference is convened by the Presidium every 4 years. Between Conferences, the steering body of the NCB is the Bureau of the NCB for a period of 4 years.

The Presidium includes: 
- President,
- Wice-President,
- Secretary,
- members of Presidium.